Capital Icon Islamabad is a luxurious residential project situated in the beautiful city of Islamabad, offering a high standard of living. This city is a magnet for people from all over Pakistan, drawn by its stunning natural scenery, modern amenities, and lush green environment, as well as its status as the nation’s political capital. With key government institutions like the National Assembly and foreign embassies located in the Red Zone, the city is well-secured. Additionally, Islamabad boasts a highly educated population and serves as a gateway to popular tourist destinations in northern Pakistan, such as Murree. The Margalla Hills, covered in lush greenery, contribute to the city’s charm by providing a healthy atmosphere. The real estate sector in Islamabad is thriving, with Capital Icon adding to the city’s appeal by offering a comfortable and contemporary lifestyle.

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Total Area:

  • The project consists of two towers, each with 17 floors. The total area of Tower-A is 312,892.45 square feet, and the grand total area of Tower-B is 309,523.54 square feet.

Capital Icon: Luxurious Living with World-Class Amenities

Capital Icon offers a range of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments for sale, providing residents with world-class amenities and a comfortable living environment. The project aims to deliver a modern and convenient lifestyle, complemented by a lush green open-air setting. Here are some of the key features and facilities that the project offers:

Modern Fire Fighting System: The apartments are equipped with a state-of-the-art firefighting system to ensure the safety of residents in case of emergencies.

Strict Security: The project prioritizes security, providing a secure and safe living environment for all residents.

Internet and Cable Facility: High-speed internet and cable TV connections are available, offering residents connectivity and entertainment options.

Wide Stairs: Wide staircases enhance convenience and accessibility within the building.

Interior Decorations: The apartments are designed with modern and attractive interior decor, providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living space.

Beautiful Lobby: The project features a well-designed and welcoming lobby area for residents and guests.

Earthquake-Resilient Structure: The building is constructed to withstand seismic activity, ensuring the safety of residents during earthquakes.

Sound Construction: High-quality construction materials and techniques are used to ensure the durability and longevity of the building.

Well-Designed Passages for Air and Light: Thoughtfully designed passages promote natural light and ventilation, creating a pleasant atmosphere within the building.

Green Environment: The project incorporates lush green spaces and an open-air environment, allowing residents to enjoy nature and outdoor activities.

Exceptional Features at Capital Icon Residency for Modern Living

Incorporating a wide range of amenities and services, Capital Icon Residency offers residents an unparalleled living experience. Here are the outstanding features that make this project stand out:


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